About CityView

Founded in 2003, CityView is a premier investment management and development firm focused on urban residential real estate in the Western United States. At the center of the firm’s success is its strong professional team which possesses unparalleled expertise in real estate, (including development, entitlement, design, and construction)  operations,  finance and asset management.

CityView targets complex multifamily housing opportunities in urban markets which are overlooked by others due to transaction and development challenges such as entitlement or environmental issues, political hurdles or community relations. The majority of CityView’s projects are within walking distance of transportation hubs, job centers, schools, retail services, healthcare facilities and cultural amenities. For each transaction, the firm’s goal is to generate top-quartile returns for its limited partners while striving to measurably improve the surrounding community.

CityView’s investors include some of the largest and most sophisticated public pension plans and financial institutions in the country.

CityView currently manages a combination of eight funds and separately managed accounts. Collectively, the firm’s funds have invested in more than 80 projects and have generated more than $3.0 billion in urban investment. The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles and has regional offices in San Francisco and San Antonio, Texas.

Our Investment Philosophy

CityView targets urban areas it believes will continue to grow and thrive due to demographic and cultural changes which are attracting people to the nation’s city centers. In response, cities are looking to improve their overall infrastructure and other amenities to satisfy this influx. This shift is fueling demand for housing in dense, high-cost markets such as the San Francisco Bay area and coastal Southern California, where the housing supply is constrained and barriers to entry are high. These market conditions are ideal for CityView’s brand of investing which combines deep local real estate knowledge with experienced investment, development and asset management capabilities.

In addition, the ability to provide stable cash flows from rental incomes and consistent demand means that multifamily housing has traditionally performed well throughout various market cycles and provided investors with superior risk-adjusted returns. This makes it an ideal asset class for institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios through allocations to real estate.